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The Effect Of Electronic Ticketing On Customer Satisfaction

The Effect Of Electronic Ticketing On Customer Satisfaction

Internet technology nowadays has been regarded as the most widely used information and communication technology by businesses: it can simplify transaction processes and strengthen relationships between businesses and their consumers. As a result, businesses have been working hard to discover new ways to interact with customers.

The development of e-tickets has been a key component of this process. E-tickets can be used by a wide range of businesses to deliver services ranging from e-commerce coupons to concert or sporting event tickets.

Commitment, trust, organisational commitment, and the perceived value of the service offered appear to be the factors that influence customer loyalty and retention for e-services and e-ticketing. As a result, firms that provide e-ticketing services must carefully examine customer support and service in order to develop solid customer connections.

Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction

1. Customer Technical Support

Customer perception is determined by the level of customer service given, particularly when problems develop with the e-ticketing service. Customer perceptions of customer service have direct consequences for customer behaviour. Customers are more likely to purchase e-tickets if they believe the organization will provide them with customer service and support.

2. Infrastructure

Customer satisfaction for these services may be aided by infrastructure that supports e-ticketing processes. When clients required more service or assistance, e-ticketing was not initially connected with other activities, causing complications. Since their beginnings, e-ticketing systems have experienced significant improvements. Organizations have had to create network architectures to enable e-ticketing services in order to assure effective and efficient use of e-tickets.

These infrastructures have been critical in the development of a comprehensive system that fulfils consumer needs while also providing the assistance needed to streamline internal operations. Without the infrastructure to support e-ticketing, businesses would be unable to make use of these services to save money and improve customer satisfaction.

3. Data Security

Consumer behaviour and decision-making are also influenced by data security concerns when it comes to e-ticketing. Security risks linked with e-ticketing, with many transportation organizations and agencies seeing security breaches as a significant impediment to the use of e-ticketing services. Consumer Relationship Management (CRM) software has long been used to track customer preferences and activities. The use of CRM systems in this capacity has been found to compromise these infrastructures.

Integration of e-ticketing with these systems has resulted in severe security vulnerabilities. Consumers’ levels of trust are influenced by their perceptions of security. If there is a lack of trust in the relationship between the client and the e-service provider, the customer is less likely to do business with the company.

4. User Friendliness

E-ticketing services must also be user-friendly for the customer. E-ticketing system usage patterns are examined, including those that are integrated and those that require two separate processes for use: authentication and payment. Integrated e-ticketing systems that involve fewer steps for users are used more frequently, implying that these systems could be streamlined to boost client acceptance.

To Conclude

Organizations must first understand these challenges in order to design e-ticketing systems that match consumer expectations and generate a high degree of satisfaction.

Customers who are satisfied with e-ticketing systems that match these characteristics are more likely to be loyal and stay with the business in the long term.

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