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Stress-Free Remote Work with a Keyboard Clip


As the world embraces remote work, expats and digital nomads have found themselves facing unique challenges while striving for productivity and work-life balance. One particular challenge is maintaining an active computer screen and a green status on Microsoft Teams or other collaboration platforms without the need for constant mouse movement or worrying about power supply, having a mouse or needing a USB port.

There’s good news on the horizon! A groundbreaking “mouse jiggler-like” keyboard clip has emerged, revolutionizing the work-from-home experience and alleviating the stress associated with staying connected and productive. Let’s delve into this ingenious solution and explore how it can transform your remote work routine.

The Thinking Clip: Introducing the innovative keyboard clip that functions like a mouse jiggler, yet does not need a mouse device, power, or USB ports. This game-changing accessory connects seamlessly to the Caps Lock key, aptly named Caps N Lock®. With its simple and intuitive design, this clip may be a dream come true for hardworking remote workers and slackers alike that seek more control over their Microsoft Teams presence status.

Unleash Stress-Free Remote Work:

  1. Stay Active and Connected: Caps N Lock® enables you to keep your computer screen active and your team status green without having to continuously move your mouse. No more anxiety-inducing moments every 5 minutes wondering if your colleagues think you’re slacking off. You can focus on your work while maintaining a professional presence online, even while you work away from your computer.
  2. Effortless Setup: Unlike other gadgets that require complex software installations or cumbersome setups, Caps N Lock® is a breeze to use. Simply attach the clip to your keyboard, and it instantly starts simulating keyboard activity, keeping your computer awake and preventing any disconnect from your colleagues on Teams.
  3. Enhance Productivity: The stress of maintaining an active screen and keeping Teams status active can hinder productivity. Caps N Lock® eliminates this distraction, allowing you to concentrate on getting whatever task you have at home completed so you can get back to work in a flash without the added stress of having your status showing away.
  4. Embrace Work-Life Balance: Remote work offers the flexibility to create a healthy work-life balance. However, constantly worrying about appearing idle or unavailable can disrupt this equilibrium. Caps N Lock® provides peace of mind, enabling you to step away from your desk for short breaks without compromising your work status or responsiveness.

The era of remote work demands innovative solutions that address the unique challenges faced by expats and digital nomads. Caps N Lock®, the ingenious clip for staying active on Teams as you think, presents an effective remedy for maintaining an active computer screen and staying connected on Teams or Slack without the stress associated with mouse jiggling. Say goodbye to some work anxiety and embrace a more productive remote work experience.

Learn More about Caps N Lock® at

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