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Is the lease of printers more profitable than the purchase and leasing?

If you want to run in-house printing, you are not condemned to buying expensive devices. More and more often, entrepreneurs decide to rent or lease printers, which allows using advanced solutions without too much burden on the budget. What are the advantages and disadvantages of leasing, leasing and purchasing printers? Which solution is the most profitable?

Renting printers and leasing – similarities and differences

Leasing and leasing are two alternatives to purchasing expensive printing devices for the company. They are often confused, but there are quite significant differences between them. The main similarity, however, is the ability to avoid large expenditure on property purchases. As a result, these are solutions recommended to enterprises that are just starting on the market, as well as to all those who prefer to have more cash for investments.

Lease of printers, copiers or other equipment

Renting photocopiers is a very simple form of equipment purchase. As a rule, it requires a minimum of formalities. As part of the rental, you can use the latest, fastest and most functional printers for any (predetermined) period. In addition, the rented equipment can be precisely adapted to your needs, and when they change, you can replace the machine with another.

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The fee paid to the landlord also includes consumables (inks, toners) ensuring optimal print quality. The devices are also serviced, so you do not have to worry about the configuration of the equipment or possible faults. The most frequently chosen form of settlement is a subscription with an additional fee calculated on the basis of the printouts made. Thus, you only pay for the actual use of the device. At the same time, it is a much more advantageous and cheaper solution than outsourcing prints to an external company.

If you prefer to plan your company’s budget precisely, you can also choose a payment plan with a free copy package. This makes the monthly hardware fee much more predictable. Additionally, in the light of tax law, it is a tax deductible cost.

Leasing of photocopiers

Leasing allows you to use modern printing devices for a fixed monthly fee representing a small percentage of their value. Establishing a leasing contract is usually a bit more complicated than in the case of renting, but it is possible to complete all formalities in 15 minutes, also online.

The contract is signed for a specific period, and in addition to the monthly fee (which depends, among others, on the duration of the contract), the initial fee should also be paid. Due to the fact that the installments are fixed, planning the company’s budget is much easier. Importantly, the amount spent on leasing each month will lower your taxes – it is a tax deductible cost, just like the rental fee. However, under leasing, you often cannot count on such a meticulous service as in the case of leasing. Therefore, for example, you have to obtain consumables yourself.

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