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How to replace your glasses with your sunglasses?

How to replace your glasses with your sunglasses?

Sunglasses are not cheap, and choosing frames and having the proper lenses fitted can be quite expensive. Scratches on your glasses can be disturbing because they can cause your vision to blur. Eye lens replacement can be very expensive. Every day, we see several people wearing glasses, either as prescription glasses or as fashion accessories.

If you have an old pair of sunglasses, chances are you can repair and re-wear them. If the frames are damaged and beyond repair, they can be recycled, but most sunglasses do not need to be discarded. They can be resurrected, or brought back to life.

To keep the life of your shades, we recommend that you take as much care of them as possible. We want your sunglasses to be as durable as possible. Keeping your lenses clean can also help to reduce the risk of scratching.

To remove dirt, grit, and grime, use warm, soapy water and gently rub with your fingers every now and then. Avoid using harsh sterilizers, detergents, or cloths that contain fibers that can harm your new lenses. After that, dry your sunglasses with a soft, microfiber cloth.

Consider taking your sunglasses for an ultrasonic cleaning session once a year, which can also help to refresh the frame.

After continuous use, sunglasses lenses can become scratched, smudged, or damaged. Replacing the lenses can bring them back to life and save you the problems of buying a new pair. The prescription lenses can be removed and replaced in just a few steps.

Gather the necessary material to change the lenses.

Use polycarbonate plastic lenses for the best UV protection. This material is lightweight and durable, making it ideal for sunglasses that will be worn and used frequently. Polycarbonate plastic lenses are likely to be exposed to scratching, so you may want to apply a scratch-resistant coating to them for added protection. Polycarbonate plastic and regular plastic lenses are the most common types of high-quality sunglasses lenses.

Clearing the frame and preparing the new lens.

Choose a scratch-resistant coating to protect the lenses. Most sunglasses lenses should be coated to prevent scratching and other surface damage.

Some lenses will have this coating included, while others will cost slightly more. The coating should be invisible and have no effect on the appearance of the lenses. Get glass lenses for the best scratch resistance and UV protection. Glass lenses can be heavy and fragile, making them unsuitable for frequently worn sunglasses.

They are less prone to scratching than plastic lenses. You should get a UV coating applied to the glass lenses to protect your eyes from the sun because they provide little UV protection. Because of their fragility, glass lenses are rarely used in sunglasses.

Go for polarized lenses for your sunglasses.

Choose polarised lenses to reduce glare. When you wear sunglasses, polarised lenses absorb sunlight, reducing or eliminating glare. If you intend to wear sunglasses frequently, especially in bright or sunny conditions, this is a good option. Remember that mirroring rather than polarising the lenses will reduce some of the light that hits the replacement lenses but will not significantly reduce glare.

For added style and appearance, get tinted or coloured lenses. Standard tinted lenses and gradient tinted lenses are more of a fashion statement than a functional improvement to the lenses. To add style to the glasses, you can choose coloured lenses such as yellow, grey, or green. If you intend to wear sunglasses while driving, choose grey or green lenses.

Installing the new lens to your sunglasses.

To install the new lenses, you have to remove the screws of your glasses and use a small screwdriver designed for the glasses. Place the frames on a flat, soft surface, face down. Remove the screws on either side of the frames with the screwdriver and place them in a piece of fabric or a block of foam to keep them from rolling away.

The old lenses can then be removed by sliding them out of the frame. A tiny screwdriver for eyeglasses can be obtained from an eyeglass repair kit or purchased at your local eyeglass store. Extra screws are usually included in the eyeglass repair kit in case you lose one.

Replace the lenses one at a time. Check that the new lenses are properly aligned with the slot on the inside of the frames. Check that the lenses are perfectly flat with the frame, with no gaps, as this will prevent them from falling out or shifting. To keep the new lenses in place, replace the screws. Insert the screws with the screwdriver. Make sure they’re tightly screwed in so they don’t fall out.

Remove the old lens.

For sunglasses, use a soft microfiber cloth and a homemade solution of water and mild soap or a professional cleaning solution. Make sure the cleaning solution is gentle and free of any chemicals or additives that could harm the lens coatings.

Cover the replacement lenses with a paper towel. The paper towel will keep the lenses from gliding apart, especially if they are made of glass. Place your thumbs inside the frames, against the lens. Your other fingers should be on the outside of the frames so you can easily pop out the lenses. The sunglass’ front side should be facing away from you.

Tips for successful lens replacement.

  • Remove the lens from the front of the frames. Apply pressure to the sides of the lens with your fingers and gently pop it out. If the lens does not easily pop out, try lifting the top of the frame with one hand and pulling the bottom of the frame downward with the other hand as you push out the lens. This should help in its appearance. Repeat the process with the other lens to remove both old lenses.
  • A cleaning solution should be used to clean the replacement lenses.
  • Apply a soft microfiber cloth to a cleaning solution of water and mild soap or a professional eyeglass cleaner.
  • Make sure the lenses are clean and ready to use by wiping them down. For added support, brace your hands on a flat surface while holding the lenses away from you.
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